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Manifest-Writing Nutcase Seeks Copy Editor

Behind every successful writer is a skilled copy editor. Christopher Dorner doesn’t know this.

He’s the latest wingnut with a high-powered gun, and still on the loose in L.A. Before he began what he calls his “last resort,” he published a nine-page, rambling manifesto. It’s a shame he didn’t hire one of the thousands of newspaper copy editors laid off over the last ten years.

Who’s dotting the is and crossing the ts in the newfangled newspaper hubs of today? (I’m looking at you, MLive.) Mainly reporters. Not a good idea, says a former NY Times copy editor:

She compares lobbing copy editing to a reporter who’s never done it before with asking a minivan owner to drive an 18-wheeler on an icy road. “It’s not so much the laying off of the copy editors — although that galls me because it’s short-sighted — but it’s also the lack of acknowledging that there’s a gap that needs to be filled and investing in a little bit a training to get that gap filled.”


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