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News that isn’t news: Superintendent Salaries Edition

UPDATE: Now WOOD, WZZM,  and WXMI have picked up on this nothingburger of a story.

Thank goodness for The Mackinac Center and MLive! Why, without the dogged determination of the former to dig up information available on ANY public school website, the latter might not have been able to publish this earth-shattering, pot-stirring “article.” To make sure they get as many page clicks (and comments) as possible, The GR Press put its link at the top of its homepage.

What’s wrong with this? First, the salaries are reported as part of what’s called “total compensation,” a relatively new trick that adds the cost of pension and health care benefits to one’s salary. In some cases, like Rockford’s Dr. Shibler, he pays 18% of his insurance (not figured into the salary, but at least the Devos GR Press let him defend his earnings).

The main reason this isn’t news is because anyone of us could do what the Mackinac Center for Destroying Public Schools Policy did: visit the website of every district in the state. This, according to multiple MLive articles, is considered “compiling a database.” They also consider it news whenever the Mackinac Center farts in its general direction emails a press release.

That’s the state of journalism in Michissippi, my friends. And our state of education is headed in that direction, too, if the Mackinac Center and MLive have their way.


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