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From Diane Ravitch’s blog, more on the Michigan’s Educational Achievement Authority and its leader, John Covington.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Michigan created an “Educational Achievement Authority” in which it clustered the state’s lowest performing schools. Of course, it is corporate reform-speak to identify the schools with the lowest test scores and say they are part of an “achievement” district. But, hey, it is only words.

Seems the EAA needed an infusion of cash, so the Broad Foundation plunked down $10 million to keep it going. This makes sense because all of the schools in the EAA are controlled by John Covington, who “graduated” from Broad’s unaccredited superintendent’s academy in 2008. Covington previously was superintendent of the Kansas City schools, where he closed half the city’s schools before resigning abruptly for a bigger salary and unchecked power in Michigan.

There are certainly advantages to being part of Eli Broad’s network.

We will see what it does for the kids. They are waiting to hear something more than grandiose promises and test…

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