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Today in ridiculous MLive Investigations: School Drills!

Seriously? This is the big issue facing Michigan schools? MLive devoted an entire week’s worth of reports to the “scofflaws” who haven’t kept up with the required number of fire, tornado, and lockdown drills. Here’s my response:

Another hard-hitting investigative MLive report. Wouldn’t it first be helpful to identify if there IS a security/safety problem in Michigan schools? Just because some “scofflaws” (nice use of loaded diction) aren’t keeping up with an arguably ridiculous number of drills doesn’t mean those schools aren’t safe.

This investigation takes aim at low hanging fruit. How about investigating some other factors that affect student achievement? Poverty, for example. Equal access to resources. Inane standardized tests that most state legislatures couldn’t pass. You know, the little things facing every district in Michigan.


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