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Open Mic Night in the Michigan Legislature

Stop it, Tom McMillin! You’re killing me! This GOP state rep is slaying ’em at the Lansing Laugh Hut with his rationale for opting out of the Common Core curriculum:

“We don’t want our kids to be common. We want our kids in Michigan to be exceptional. And this certainly lowers the bar, and makes it so that we have no ability to raise the bar.”

Dude, your party (and the people running it – ALEC, the Mackinac Center, the Koch Brothers), can’t wait to get the CCSS into public schools because of the incredible profit potential! Common Core doesn’t make the curriculum “common”, nor does it lower any bars. It’s incredibly challenging at all levels of instruction.

The punch line for school districts comes with the amount of money they’ll have to spend just to administer the tests! High school assessments must be administered online. Who’s going to pony up the money for the computers? The wifi? Who’s going to pay for the new textbooks? (Actually, who’s going to see more salary cuts to pay for them?)

The brilliant – in an evil genius cackling at a lightning storm kind of way – part of this is how our “failing” schools will be perceived once the first round of test scores are released. Scores will be lower than the nipple of a wet nurse at an orphanage.

I’ve seen a sample test. I’ll wager a year’s salary that less than ten percent of our state legislators could pass it.

And that’s no joke.


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