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Today In EAA: Common Sense, Facts, and Statistics!

I’ll give MLive this: they’re making the EAA debate interesting. For a change, they’ve posted four “guest columns” – two pro, two con – about the Educational Achievement Authority that’s either performing miracles in the Motor City or another disaster in Detroit.

But the GOP backers of EAA, you know, the non-urban state reps who care so much about Michigan’s kids, will have a tough time combating the common sense, facts, and statistics outlined by Elizabeth Welch Lykins. To wit:

What is the EAA’s per-pupil spending? The EAA has augmented its taxpayer funding with millions of dollars from unnamed individuals and foundations.

The EAA has already asked the state for an advance in taxpayer funding. Even with the extra money from charitable sources, early fiscal challenges seem to indicate the model cannot be replicated on a large scale without costing the state a fortune. Will the state be forced to bail the EAA out before its first year is complete?

Why are we pouring millions into an experiment rather than investing in proven models that work in struggling districts (where the disinvestment and resulting cuts have been massive)?

I can see a certain state representative’s head exploding trying to figure that out.

If you have the time, and the blood pressure medication, take a look at the 90+ comments that follow Lykins’ op-ed.

If you’re a parent who’d like to make a difference, visit Michigan Parents for Schools, and sign up for their email list.


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