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Broad Support for Cheating?

While she wasn’t trained by the Broad Foundation, Beverly Hall, former Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools, certainly had her share of support from them. She seemed to be doing well, so well that she was named Superintendent of the Year in 2009 and honored by Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Hall received $500,000 in performance bonuses for turning around the district.

One problem: the turn around never happened. Thirty-five educators, including Hall, have been indicted on multiple charges stemming from widespread cheating.

This is what happens when high-stakes tests are all that matters to schools, and all that matters to politicians and “reformers” when it comes to evaluating teachers. Diane Ravitch reports that for Broad, “test scores = performance” and:

The Broad philosophy, as best it can be deciphered from afar, is management by targets. Goal-setting. It is a business plan, not an educational vision for children. As Eli Broad once said, “I know nothing about curriculum and teaching, but I know management.”

Remember, Michigan’s only EAA is run by a cadre of Broad Foundation “graduates” who believe this claptrap. This is the kind of education philosophy championed by MI Rep. Lisa Lyons and The Grand Rapids Press.

Sadly, Atlanta isn’t alone when it comes to cheating. According to a new study by, 37 states and the District of Columbia (hello, Michelle Rhee) are involved in widespread test score corruption. These districts champion test scores as the be-all and end-all to measure student success. So does the EAA.

And if the MI GOP has its way, it’s coming soon to a “failing” district near you. Expect the cheating to follow.


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