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Broadly Speaking, Why Eli Broad Should Concern You

I’ve mentioned the Broad Foundation in recent posts, but haven’t addressed just who’s behind it. Introducing Eli Broad. Let introduce you to Mr. Broad and the rest of the education profiteers “reformers.” Broad’s key reform strategy is to shut down as many “failing” schools as possible:

The difference with school closures is that there is no relief for the majority of communities where schools will be closed if just a few schools are taken off the closure list. This school closure method has been used in New York, Chicago, and Detroit, where large numbers of community schools have already been closed. The closings are done in phases to transform large numbers of public schools into a private system run by charter management companies over a period of years.

Again, this is the strategy behind the EAA, and it’s going to impact all of Michigan unless we do something about it. Call your state senator. Tell him or her to vote no on expanding the EAA.


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