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Is This Michelle Rhee’s Smoking Gun?

This day just keeps getting better. John Merrow, who investigated Michelle Rhee for PBS Frontline earlier this year, now has a confidential memo that shows Rhee knew about cheating on standardized tests while she was the D.C. Chancellor.

Michelle A. Rhee, America’s most famous school reformer, was fully aware of the extent of the problem when she glossed over what appeared to be widespread cheating during her first year as Schools Chancellor in Washington, DC.  A long-buried confidential memo from her outside data consultant suggests that the problem was far more serious than kids copying off other kids’ answer sheets.  (“191 teachers representing 70 schools”).  Twice in just four pages the consultant suggests that Rhee’s own principals, some of whom she had hired, may have been responsible (“Could the erasures in some cases have been done by someone other than the students and the teachers?”).

Merrow’s investigation is thorough. Read it for yourself. Then ask if anyone like Rhee in the education profiteering “reform” movement should be trusted to put students first.


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