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Best Laid Plans…

Reblogging from my brother’s site. His family’s cross-country trip via RV has hit a snag. He’d love your support.

The Journey. Rev. Greg Larsen

Day number 4 in the hospital with our little misses.

Sunday was an afternoon in the ER.  Monday through today in a room number 123 – a cubicle.  No, a cell.  No, wait… a closet.

Food is mediocre.  The best thing on the menu are two words that should never be placed together except when separated by the word “stuffed” – turkey bacon.  The staff is kind yet a little discombobulated.  Sometimes it good when the left hand knows what the right hand is doing and when its doing it.  Waiting until the patient has only just fallen asleep for some much-needed rest to re-enter the room to poke her for yet another blood draw is NOT communicating needs effectively for the health of the patient, or the sanity of what was once a rational father.

My worst complaint is the room…  I had to share a room like this…

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