Quote of the Day: Grand Rapids Flood Edition

gr kayakA few foolhardy types have taken to their kayaks for a closer view of the surging Grand River. The GRPD isn’t going after them, however, as one officer explains:

“We’re referring to that as natural selection,” said Grand Rapids Lt. David Schnurstein. “If we could arrest people for being stupid, we’d need a jail ten times as big as we have.”

Amen to that.

UPDATE: GRFD called to rescue kayaker from Grand River at Riverside Park (not the guy above). Stupid is as stupid does, people.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! Whole lotta stupid flowin’ downstream. A couple had to be rescued in Grandville after somehow losing their canoe:

(A Grandville police sergeant) said the couple, who had been in the water about 30 minutes, were “very cold,” and unable to tell police exactly what happened. The woman was in chest-deep water.

Not all kayakers are vying for the Darwin Awards. It turns out that the kayaker who noticed today’s floating couple was the kayaker pictured above.


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