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Michissippi Mom Says Anne Frank Is “Pretty Pornographic”

O, Michigan, my Michigan! What in the name of our pleasant peninsulas is going on in Northville? Pornography in seventh grade? Say it isn’t so!

Okay, it isn’t, but one “concerned” mom with too much time on her hands thinks that The Diary of Anne Frank shouldn’t be used in her daughter’s classroom, and has filed a formal complaint with the school board. This Mama Grizzly (seriously, straight out of the Sarah Palin Pageant, with Lens Crafter specs and a modern mom hairdo), claims one passage, where Anne Frank describes her private parts, is “pretty pornographic.”

Keep in mind that her daughter – and all of the kids in this district – first became familiar with said terminology during sex education,  two years ago, as fifth graders. Also, too: if this is porn, the seventh grade boys are going to be very disappointed.

Apparently, this Michissippi Mom has lost sight of why the book is used in classrooms around the world. You know, that whole Holocaust thing. Heaven forbid her daughter learn about that.


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