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And a Few Reasons to Question Common Core

Reason No. 1: Jeb Bush supports it. He also claimed today that public schools do nothing but “dumb down standards to make adults look better.” Yes, Jeb, because if the nation wants to look at a stellar example of positive educational reform, it should look to Florida, where “raising the bar” means there’s a frat party in Gainesville.

Reason No. 2: The corporate cash grab. Common Core’s been adopted by 45 states, and those states are going to need lots of textbooks, workbooks, practice tests, and who-knows-what to prepare for more standardized testing. From @TheChalkFace, this image of a typical assignment for 2nd grade math:


It seems harmless, even simple, right? It also looks like it’s been developed by a corporation that hasn’t considered how many students wouldn’t have easy access to these items. As @TheChalkFace mentions in this post, experienced teachers know their craft well enough to create their own assignments that meet local, state, and national standards and the specific needs of their students.

Reason No. 3: There’s little or no money to implement curricular changes. There’s little or no money to acquire the necessary computers for the online CCSS exams. In our once great state of Michissippi, the legislature just approved an education budget that will increase per pupil spending by a whopping $11 (unless you’re in an Educational Achievement Authority school, where you’ll get $1000 per kid). But money meant for Common Core was removed from the proposed budget.

Why is Michissppi reconsidering Common Core? Because some Tea Party wingnuts (yes, I know, that’s redundant) think it’s all about federal government takeover of public schools.  There are some parochial schools (I’m lookin’ at you, Livingston Christian) where the locals think CCSS is a sign of the End Times (they think President Obama’s the antichrist, too).


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