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And Michigan Educators Said, “AMEN!”

While people with no experience in education policy are putzing around Mackinac Island, determining how our kids will be taught in the foreseeable future, one retired journalist has gone back to school to get his master’s in education with a teaching certificate. (Can’t imagine anyone from Mackinac Center Mouthpiece The Grand Rapids Press doing that.)

Ken Winter offered this challenge to the “leaders” hanging out on the Grand Hotel porch: Spend time in real classrooms. See what real teachers do.

And the educators said, “DUH!” AMEN!

Winter offered this about the current reform efforts:

I have not been impressed by what I’ve heard from state politicians and special interests to meet this challenge. Lawmakers and business leaders could benefit from real time in a classroom to see what educators have to contend with before students enter their school doors – broken homes, substance abuse, illiteracy, psychological and physical challenges, poverty and more.

Mr. Winter is welcome in my classroom any day, as are Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee, the editorial staff of The Grand Rapids Press, and the current  Chairperson of House Education Committee.

I suspect Mr. Winter is the only one to come knocking on my door.


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