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Of Pigs, Hogs, Public Schools, and One Lousy Metaphor

Representative Lisa Lyons (R – Alto), Chairperson of the House Education Committee, received quite a bit of press this week for comments directed at the staffs of the now-defunct Buena Vista and Inkster schools: “pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”

As one of her former high school English teachers, I’m glad Representative Lyons is able to use metaphors, but this one is particularly juvenile and not worthy of an elected state official. Take a look:

Former GRPS teacher and State Board of Education member Lupe Ramos-Montigny had harsh words for Rep. Lyons in today’s Mackinac Center Mouthpiece Grand Rapids Press:

I suggest Rep. Lyons go to Buena Vista, look every single teacher in the eye and apologize to them for her insensitive and mean spirited remarks.

Using school yard names to criticize dedicated teachers such as these, who merely seek to remain in the classroom demoralizes teachers across the state, further destroying morale that has been harmed by numerous acts of the Legislature in the past few years.

I suggest Rep. Lyons look in the mirror  and consider another pigs/hogs metaphor for herself and her GOP colleagues. To wit, Rep. Lyons has willingly stepped up to the Mackinac Center/DeVos/ALEC/StudentsFirst trough and slopped up all the empty calories those organizations provide in the name of education “reform.” She has wallowed in the mud, slop, and slime of efforts to remove accountability from privatized charter schools and the EAA. She has enjoyed fattening her political coffers with campaign donations from those same groups.

In 2014, it will be time for the electorate to take Representative Lyons and her GOP brethren out to the shed and put them out of our misery. Only then can true public school reform take place in Michigan.


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