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GR Press to Rep. Lisa Lyons: “Play Nice!”

The Editorial Board of the Mackinac Center Mouthpiece Grand Rapids Press issued a scathing editorial a few days ago taking State Rep. Lisa Lyons (R-Alto) to task for her middle-school level “pigs/hogs” metaphor.

Actually, it wasn’t scathing. More like a slap on the wrist.

Mixed in with the editors concern over Lyons’ “incendiary rhetoric” were compliments about Rep. Lyons being “young and energetic” and someone who’s “done many good things for the area.”

Funny, but the Press never mentions one “good thing” Rep. Lyons has done in its editorial. They do make an attempt, via false equivalency, to say that Democrats have misbehaved as well. Wouldn’t want to upset the base, you know.

As for “young and energetic,” she’s 34 and should know better than to act as if she were still in middle school.

And the Press editorial staff shouldn’t act as if it’s her middle school student council advisor.


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