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Protect Our Democracy, Get to Know Your Public Schools

Great read from 7 Things You Need to Know About Your Local Public School. Nancy Letts of offers a reality check for one of America’s best ideas. Please share this with your state representative and senator (especially if she’s the Chair of Michigan’s House Committee on Education).

Fact #7: If your school believes that the purpose of public education is to prepare students to be well educated in order to take part in our democratic society, go to the head of the class! Does your school invite students to weekly town hall meetings? Do students have a voice in some decisions? Are teachers part of a collaborative team along with parents and administrators? If so, your children are better equipped to preserve, protect and promote our democratic way of life.

There’s a reason why I fear corporate takeover of public education, and it has nothing to do with keeping my job. It has everything to do with our country’s future.


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