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Pinch Me! Education Nation is Next Week!

NBC’s annual take down of public schools and promotion of privatization Education Nation “summit” begins next week. I can’t wait to see the list of prominent educators who will lead this crucial discussion!

Tony Bennett! (The singer, not the yahoo who screwed up Indiana’s schools.)

David “Architect of the Common Core” Coleman!

Secretary of Education Arne “I’ve Never Taught a Day in My Life” Duncan!

Goldie Hawn!

after earth
The man responsible for this monstrosity is now an education “expert.”

and M. Night Shamalama-Ding-Dong! (Okay, Shyamalan.)

How many elementary, middle, and high school teachers? None. Old singers? One. Old actors? One. Lame movie directors? One.

Anyone with teaching experience? Other than college professors, not really.

How about Diane Ravitch? She’s got to be there, right? Nope. She was first invited to sit in the audience, then received an actual invite TODAY to participate in one discussion on testing. The nation’s preeminent education historian was invited to just one event, and that came after loads of emails sent in protest.

A summit implies climbing upward. Education Nation will take the most crucial topic of our time and send it in a downward spiral.


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