On the sudden loss of a high school classmate

Liisa with two i’s. That was something we’d never seen before. She moved to our district, if memory serves, at the beginning of our freshman year, a pretty blonde girl with big brown eyes and a killer smile. A voice as sweet as the person herself. I’d bet I wasn’t the only 14-year old at FHN who harbored a secret crush on Liisa Rupert.

After many, many years, we became reacquainted via Facebook. I marveled at her talent a couple of years ago during ArtPrize, and made a point of visiting her during this year’s contest. We hugged, chatted about our kids and our lives, and discovered we lived just a few blocks away from each other. Liisa was so excited for her youngest son, who just began his middle school years in a new district. In the five minutes we spent catching up, nothing seemed to have changed. Liisa was still the sweet, warm, beautiful person we knew in high school. My wife didn’t believe me when I told her Liisa and I were the same age.

Liisa lost her life in a car accident Monday morning. So sudden, so unexpected. Liisa’s smile will never fade.

You can see Liisa’s work here.  Rest in peace, my friend.


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