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More Common Stories from an Uncommon Corps

This week’s musings from the best job in the world:

  • My runaway student has returned. No chance of passing this trimester, but at least he’s safe and sound.
  • One student presented me with a “Hump Day” t-shirt: “I saw it, and I knew you’d like it!” I do. And I’ll wear it tomorrow.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and increases the likelihood of Saturday School. I’ve never had so many miss school so often as I have this year.
  • One of my college students showed up this week in tears. She’s missed class the week before because her appendix burst. Afraid she’d lose credit, she forced herself to class just days after surgery. That wasn’t all, she told me. They had to remove her ovaries as well. When my students face problems like this, having them write a problem-solution essay isn’t all that important.

But today, just when the Teaching Gods knew I’d been contemplating a career change, this email arrived:


It was a delight this past week to see (our daughter’s) face as she waltzed into the house bearing the certificate for November Student of the Month.  She was so pleased to have gotten the recognition amid so many great students and caring kids.

Thank you from my wife and I for your role in our daughter’s life and for the professional attentiveness in not only appropriately challenging her academically, but also for respecting her abilities as a caring and honorable young woman.  You took a step forward in nominating her and I respect the faith and judgement which you entrusted to her.  Thank you.

Extending our support to you again as an example, leader and teacher in the trenches every day.  You are valued and to be encouraged by these simple words as well as our frequent prayers.

Teachers will tell you they don’t teach for the money. We don’t. It’s for moments like this. Just a little validation.


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