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Ten Reasons to Resist/Refuse Common Core

Anthony Cody, Education Week blogger (and definitely not a white suburban mom, Arne Duncan), offers a phenomenal take on the major faults of the Common Core State Standards. To sum up:

  • CCSS were not developed in a democratic manner.
  • No one who knows anything about early childhood development was consulted.
  • It’s meant to encourage “market-driven innovation,” valuing profit for Pearson over teacher collaboration
  • It claims to be rigorous, but it’s terribly rigid
  • CCSS is all about high stakes testing
  • Student scores will plummet – by design
  • You think the NSA wants your info? Hah! CCSS is all about collecting info about your kids.
  • It’s never been field tested. NEVER.
  • CCSS centers around the misguided belief that an education is about “college and career readiness.”
  • The biggest problem in education isn’t the curriculum; it’s the obscene level of poverty that our elected leaders choose to ignore.

Perhaps someone should call Arne Duncan’s mother. Her son’s not as brilliant as she thought he was.

NEXT: Why CCSS is making this blogger/AP teacher rethink his association with the College Board.


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