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Protecting Your Data in The United States of Secrets

Tonight’s FRONTLINE presentation is the definition of must-see broadcast journalism. (Watch it ¬†online here.) Everything we do via the Internet is collected by the NSA in the name of national security. Not only does this raise questions of violating the Fourth Amendment, but the NSA hasn’t collected one bit of data responsible for stopping any recent terrorist activity in the USA.

Not one.

How can we protect our data? Check out this FRONTLINE podcast with two privacy experts:


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This Is What Happens When Bookstores Leave Your City

Here in Grand Rapids, where you can’t find a bookstore north of 28th Street, a lack of literary outlets leads to this kind of thing:

Police blocked off an area of downtown Grand Rapids for a time Monday evening after a suspicious package was found in a parking garage. A GRPD bomb squad was called to the scene and X-rayed the package to find that it was a Dick Tracy book.

An entire city block roped off for nearly three hours because of a book. Or, perhaps, a lack of a decent bookstore. 

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Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take Common Core Anymore

It’s been too long since the last post, but, apparently, the Tspelczechquer is ringing up traffic for the opt-out movement. Good.

Now it’s time to get our states and schools to opt out of Common Core. Why?

It wasn’t created by teachers.

It’s not a state-led initiative, no matter what Coach Arne Duncan would like you to believe.

It’s driven by a desire to sell flawed tests that schools can’t afford.

It’s terribly flawed, especially the K-3rd grade standards.

It’s “architect” – College Board’s David Coleman – is an arrogant so-and-so who doesn’t “give a $hit” about your kids’ personal opinion. Any true teacher would tell you otherwise.

It’s supported by Bill Gates, the Wal-Mart family, and most every state’s Chamber of Commerce. (Look at all of the educational experience there!)

Hell, even the venerable Louis C.K. realizes that Common Core is killing our kids’ love of learning.

It’s time to go all Howard Beale, people.