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MoDo Shows You How Not To Write a Transition

Once, Maureen Dowd was a very insightful, acerbic columnist for The New York Times.


In today’s column, she attempts to use a timely story – the death of Robin Williams, no less – as an attention-getting device. Not a bad way to get your audience’s attention, unless you follow it up with this:

So when I think of Williams, I think of (Michael) Kelly. And when I think of Kelly, I think of Hillary (Clinton), because Michael was the first American reporter to die in the Iraqi invasion, and Hillary Clinton was one of 29 Democratic senators who voted to authorize that baloney war.

MoDo’s has a bit of a Clinton fixation, and some of her criticism is warranted.  But for the love of Strunk and White, how the hell do you justify using Robin Williams’ death as an opening to that piece? 

To borrow a phrase from Charlie Pierce, the mind, it boggles. 

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