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Opt Out: 21st Century Civil Disobedience

Diane Ravitch (whatever would we do without her) posits the following on her site:

What if every parent said, “I refuse”?

What if every parent said, “My child is not taking the test”?

What if everyone said, “No, thank you, I’d rather not”?

If change is gonna come, it’s got to start in every home of every child whose parents are fed up with weeks upon weeks of unnecessary testing. If parents say no, school administrators will have to take notice, and so will state legislators, and members of Congress, and the Secretary of Education, and the President (and those seeking to replace him).

It’s civil disobedience. It’s democracy in action. It’s desperately needed to change the education “reform” movement.

It’s up to you. Act in your child’s best interest.

It’s time to opt out.