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This Is What Happens When Bookstores Leave Your City

Here in Grand Rapids, where you can’t find a bookstore north of 28th Street, a lack of literary outlets leads to this kind of thing:

Police blocked off an area of downtown Grand Rapids for a time Monday evening after a suspicious package was found in a parking garage. A GRPD bomb squad was called to the scene and X-rayed the package to find that it was a Dick Tracy book.

An entire city block roped off for nearly three hours because of a book. Or, perhaps, a lack of a decent bookstore. 

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Timeout From Tspelczeching

Unless someone in the Michissippi State House does something unbelievably stupid in the coming days (Vegas Odds: Even Money), the Tspelczechquer is stepping away from the laptop and Intertoobz to participate in one of the great civic responsibilities of our democracy: jury duty.

I’ll miss you, too.


Essential Reading: Remember, It Could Be Worse

Readers of this blog (thanks Mom!) know of its snarky nature. Today, however, I need to take a break from the snark and focus on two remarkable people: one a survivor, the other recently deceased.

Yesterday’s NY Times featured an absolutely powerful piece on one of the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing. No doubt you’ve seen the picture of Jeff Bauman being rushed to a medical tent in a wheelchair, his face a picture of shock, his legs blown off below his knees.

Bauman’s story of survival and recovery is one of those “there but for the grace of God go I” moments you’ll never forget.

Stop what you’re doing right now. Read it. Take in the photos.

Your pain today – whatever it may be – is real. Don’t let anyone suggest otherwise.

But it could be worse.