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Doonesbury Backs DonorsChoose.Org

After forty-one years, Doonesbury is still the most consistently engaging and entertaining comic strip. Not that G.B. Trudeau needed to do anything special to earn my support, but today’s strip is wonderful, especially if you know a teacher in need of a little financial support for a cool classroom project:


If you don’t have a QR reader, just visit and toss a few coins to a worthy teacher.

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Rapper/Misogynist Pitbull: National Charter School Conference Keynote Speaker

That is not a typo. Pitbull, who, in addition to being a multi-platinum recording artist, is now a CHARTER SCHOOL OPERATOR! Because our kids deserve nothing less than an education sponsored by the man who gave us “Hotel Room Service”.

It gets better. Pitbull is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s National Charter School Conference, right up there with Secretary of Education Arne “I’ve Never Taught a Day in My Life” Duncan!

Badass teachers I can handle. Dumbass, on the other hand. . .